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Green tea has become the national drink and became popular in every moroccan home all over morocco .thisthirst-quenching drink ,which is made with varying amounts of sugar and mint ,is symbol of hospitality and it isconsidered very ill-mannered to refuseit.

The tea ceremony is almost always preformed in front of guests andaccording to immutable rules. Mint tea is always served in small slender glasses decorated with a gold or clouredfiligree pattern. The tea leaves are rinsed in the scalded teapot so as remove their excessive bitterness.wholemint leaves complet with stems are then added together with large lumps of sugar which prevent the leaves fromrising to the surface after being left for a few minutes to infuse,a little tea is poured into a glass and returned to thepot .this is repeated several times the host finally tartes the tea which will not be served to guests until it isdeemed to be prefect.

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Mohamed 42 years old, originally from the valley of Ait  Bougemaz, he is father of three daughter, lives in Ouarzazate, and  has a degree in private law in 1998. Discovering the peaks and dunes is his passion, for him the time has come to introduce Morocco as a cultural destination, his trips have always the following flavors: culture, nature, and adventure.